Make your job change smooth!

Posted On 13 May 2024

Make your job change smooth!

13 May 2024

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Welcome to the May edition of The Assistants Newsletter!

Welcome to the May edition of The Assistants Newsletter. We hope that you have enjoyed a busy few weeks celebrating Administrative Professionals Day!

We think this month’s article, ‘Making a smooth job transition!’ could be for everyone, so please feel free to share our article around. Whether there is an imminent move, or it’s a change of job for the future, at some point, all of us will navigate moving roles, jobs and/ or careers. And the great thing is, EA positions utilise such a variety of skills, that progression and advancement is always on the cards. We hope you find our pointers helpful!

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Welcome to the May edition of The Assistants Newsletter!

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Making a smooth job transition!
A smooth job transition goes both ways. It is for you transitioning to your next position, but also how you leave your role for the next person!

Making a career move is a big decision and not one to be taken lightly. If you are ready to start looking for a new role, ensure you are moving for the right reasons. We have all heard the term ‘the grass is greener’ well, it is true for jobs too! Take time to evaluate your current role, what you enjoy and what are the reasons you are looking to leave. Is it something that could potentially be offered in your current organisation and you just haven’t asked? Or is it something that simply can’t be changed like location? If it is possible, talk it through with a friend, family member, or someone who can be a good sounding board and bring different viewpoints for your consideration.

Once you are sure you are ready to move, now is the time to start planning! Firstly, ascertain the non-negotiables required from your new role. This might be salary, location, career advancement, management style etc., Also, what are the highly desirable items that would make the next role your dream job. In today’s employment market, opportunities move fast, so before applying or reaching out to an agency have a clear picture of what your next role looks like. Otherwise, there is the danger of being swept up in the momentum, making poor decisions and ultimately ending up in the wrong job.

Resigning, this is the big one! Don’t be tempted to talk to anyone in the office about resigning before you have spoken to your manager. Even a trusted confidant could let something slip and if that gets back to your boss prior to you speaking to them, it can sour a good relationship and exit. Pick an appropriate time to let your manager know and ideally, if possible, do so face-to-face. If suitable, give the reasons behind your resignation as well. Provide a written resignation and the correct notice as per your contract. Express your gratitude for the opportunity and offer to help with the transition.

Now start creating a handover document (if you haven’t started already!). Make it a clear, comprehensive overview of everything you do, even the smallest of tasks that might come as second nature to you. Include step-by-step guides to all your processes and procedures, all passwords and login’s as well as a list of all the regular tasks, weekly and monthly.

Put yourself in the shoes of the new person and imagine you have no prior knowledge of the role. Is everything included? No acronyms, assumptions etc? If possible, have a colleague review the handover notes, looking for any gaps etc,. Inevitably something will be spotted and that’s a good thing! A thorough handover doc takes time but will be one of the key factors in a professional exit. Don’t underestimate how long these notes take!

After you have resigned, don’t take your foot off the peddle! In fact, do more! Even if you have been with the business for a long time and have done a stellar job, that memory will quickly fade if you only half-heartedly work your notice. Finally, when you start your new role, don’t underestimate the change! No matter the role or level, a new role takes time to adjust. Sometimes, it can take 6 to 12-months until you feel like you ‘belong’. So be prepared! Be ready to learn, accept training and guidance and most importantly, have fun and grasp the opportunity with both hands!


Making a smooth job transition!

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As Founder and Managing Director at EST10, Roxanne has an all-encompassing role that includes building and growing the business, as well as actively recruiting and consulting.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Monash University, Roxanne began her recruitment career with renowned recruiter Julia Ross. From there, Roxanne worked in HR and recruitment with a number of global players and boutique businesses throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 20 years. She has been responsible for managing large teams and projects, implementing RPO models, managing and assisting businesses to an IPO and assisting companies in setting up their recruitment teams and processes.

Following completion of her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne launched EST10 in July 2010. In doing so, she hoped to combine the flexibility and high touch service levels of boutique agencies with the structure and strategy afforded to larger firms. Roxanne believes in high-touch, high-care consulting and is always on the lookout for consultants that share this vision of recruitment.