Why Our Admin Professionals’ Competition Offers The Ultimate Recognition

Posted On 9 May 2018

Why Our Admin Professionals’ Competition Offers The Ultimate Recognition

9 May 2018
Why Our Admin Professionals’ Competition Offers The Ultimate Recognition

Why Our Admin Professionals’ Competition Offers The Ultimate Recognition

Roxanne Calder, Founder & Managing Director


EST10’s eagerly anticipated annual competition to find a superstar admin professional is now underway. Return flights to London, four nights’ accommodation and tickets to an exclusive event at with the prestigious London PA Club are all up for grabs for a superstar admin talent.

We’ve been running this competition to celebrate Admin Professionals’ Day since EST10 first opened its doors in 2010. And in recent years, we’ve upped the ante offering once-in-a-lifetime trips to New York, San Francisco and Las Vegas – exclusive opportunities for a handful of admin professionals to broaden their horizons and accelerate their careers.

But why is recognition such as this so important? It might seem like a small gesture, but just being nominated goes a long way in demonstrating appreciation. And for me, appreciation is at the heart of recognition, inspiring someone to be the best they can be, both personally and professionally.

For any organisation, making sure employees are recognised for their efforts is essential to ensure long-term success. And here’s why.

1. Recognition retains talent

No-one wants to lose good employees – and this is even more important in today’s competitive employment market. Recognising the hard work and achievements of your employees leads to engagement and a workplace culture that retains talent. We see this day in day out – while everyone loves a pay rise or a title change, there’s something much more personal and engaging about being recognised for your efforts.


2. Recognition improves performance

There’s nothing more motivating than being thanked for going above and beyond – whether it’s staying late to finish a critical project, taking work home on weekends now and again or covering for a colleague under exceptional circumstances. Motivated and driven employees produce outstanding results and are extremely loyal to their boss and employer. A thank you goes a long way!


3. Recognition improves team culture

Creating a culture of recognition not only helps to retain valuable employees and improve their performance, it also develops a strong team culture. This in turn creates an environment where employees want to come to work, are engaged in their day to day work and are inspired to develop both professionally and personally.


If you haven’t already done so, we hope you take the opportunity to nominate a superstar Executive/Personal Assistant, Team Assistant or Office Manager for our competition. Not only will an international experience such as this enhance their professional skills such as adaptability, resilience and cultural awareness, but these superstar qualities will also help them to stand out from the crowd.


To find out more and submit your nomination, visit www.est10.com.au/london. We can’t wait to see the names that will join an already stellar list of nominees. Entries close 5pm, Friday 25th May.

Good luck!