What NOT To Take Into The Interview Room

Posted On 9 Dec 2015

What NOT To Take Into The Interview Room

9 Dec 2015
What NOT To Take Into The Interview Room

What NOT To Take Into The Interview Room

We often analyse how we look and what we wear to an interview, but have you ever asked yourself what NOT to take into the interview room? You only get one chance to make a great first impression so don’t waste it!

Here are our top 7 belongings to leave OUTSIDE the interview room…


Hydration is very important but be sure to dispose of any coffee cups or water bottles before entering the building where your interview is being held. You may be offered a beverage in the interview room but it is unprofessional to enter the interview room with any type of beverage.


Sunglasses will dress your look down and are simply unnecessary when indoors. Although you may be wearing sunglasses before your interview, be sure to remove them in advance and do not place them on top of your head.


Earphones are fine to use in public but should not be seen in the waiting or interview rooms. Tuck these away before entering the building and do not pull them out until you have finished your interview and left the building.

Excess jewellery

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, less is more! This means leaving your flashy pieces for outside the office and keeping the number of pieces to a minimum. If you’re having trouble culling your accessories, look in the mirror before you leave home and remove one piece before walking out the door.

Mobile phone

Mobile phones should be kept out of sight and out of mind! This means putting your phone away before you reach the waiting room. And it goes without saying; phones should be turned off to prevent unnecessary interruptions during your interview. No one likes to hear the sound of vibrations while in discussion.

Gym bag

Ah, the overfilled gym bag. Don’t get us wrong, at EST10 we value staying fit and living a balanced lifestyle (don’t be surprised if you see us in our activewear before and after work). But leave the gym bag for the gym! This is definitely one belonging that should not be seen in the waiting or interview room.

Overfilled Tote

We appreciate being fashion forward and keeping up with the latest trends, but your handbag accompanies you in the interview room and an overfilled tote is not a good look. Use an appropriate sized handbag the day of your interview and pack only the essentials.