To Temp Or Not To Temp?

Posted On 27 Apr 2016

To Temp Or Not To Temp?

27 Apr 2016
To Temp Or Not To Temp?

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To Temp Or Not To Temp?

If you thought temp assignments were for working holiday visas only, think again!

Whenever we approach permanent residents about temp assignments, our suggestion is almost always met with scepticism. But we think it’s time we explain our logic behind the suggestion.

Yes, we understand that you’re after something long-term and by no means are we suggesting you change this decision for a string of one day roles. But here’s the thing; contrary to popular belief, temp work isn’t just a day here and a day there. In fact, some temp roles can go as long as six or even 12 months. Best of all, many longer term roles can transition into permanent work.

Still not convinced temp work is for you? Maybe it isn’t and that’s okay. But if we’ve piqued your interest, keep reading to find out how a temp role could benefit you.

It’s a chance to test the waters

Starting a temp assignment is a great way to get a feel for whether or not a long-term role in the firm is going to be right for you. With a perm position, it’s hard to gauge company culture beyond what you glean from interviews and the company’s social media presence. With a temp assignment, you literally get to find your feet in the firm and see if it’s the place for you.

You’ll be first in mind if a perm position becomes available

Everyone knows that companies like to hire from within before taking their job search to the masses. Well guess what? If you’re working in a temp role and a perm position arises, you’re one step closer to the top of the short list. Taking a temp assignment is a great way to demonstrate your work ethic and the value you can provide. Many of our temps are transitioned into permanent work due to new positions arising or the creation of new positions for our temps because they refuse let top talent walk away!

 Interesting stat:

45% of our temp placements transition to permanent work. This is a talent pool for permanent positions you probably didn’t realise you were competing with. Plus, temps have the upper edge – they’re already in the firm proving themselves.

Let your work ethic do the talking

If interviewing isn’t exactly your forte, a temp assignment is everything you never knew you needed! Bypass the interview nerves and less-than-favourable interview technique in favour of letting your work ethic, behaviour and outlook for the interviewing for you. The transition from a temp to perm position really is a transition… you may need to interview again, but it will just be a formality seeing as you’ve already proven yourself.

Keeping it positive

Believe it or not, there is a psychological motivator behind taking on temp work in between perm positions. When it comes time to interview, you are at your best when you are feeling confident and when your self-esteem is high. Unfortunately, we have seen so many candidates that are awesome at what they do, but when they have been looking for a perm role for a while to little avail, their confidence wanes and self-esteem diminishes. This isn’t the best frame of mind to be in when interviewing.

Being productive in a temp role can do wonders for your self-confidence (not to mention that some work is better than no work when it comes to the state of your bank account). This helps you be at your best in the interview room and gives you gives you a bit more freedom and flexibility so you can make the right decision when it comes time to weigh up your perm options.

New contacts = new opportunities

If an opportunity to stay with the business at the end of your temp assignment does not arise or you decide that that the company isn’t right for you, rest assured it wasn’t all for nothing. Networking opportunities abound in new environments and more often than not, your next big opportunity will come from a contact, recommendation or referral. At the end of the day, experience is experience, and if you have the opportunity to add a great brand to your resume or meet some amazing new people, what have you got to lose?