The Four-Legged Team Assistant You Must Employ!

Posted On 4 Nov 2015

The Four-Legged Team Assistant You Must Employ!

4 Nov 2015
The Four-Legged Team Assistant You Must Employ!

The Four-Legged Team Assistant You Must Employ!

The Team Assistant is hailed as the glue that binds the team together but have you ever thought of employing one with four legs?

You may think our furry friends hang around for a pat or a walk, take regular naps and are ready to play fetch as soon as they see an arm swing. But they have so much more to offer than that! Employing a four-legged team assistant for your office is a recruitment challenge like any other, so don’t just go with the first candidate you meet (unless of course they’re the right one). To ensure that your candidate is up for the challenge, we’ve put together a job description outlining the key duties and skills required for this demanding yet rewarding role.


Title: Quadruped Team Assistant*

Remuneration: Hugs, ear scratches, tummy rubs and the occasional treat!

Key duties:

Be on the ball – literally! Your ability to sense the emotions of your co-workers is already a natural instinct for you. Use this tool to approach your co-workers and offer them the assistance they need whether it is a game of fetch, a tummy rub or simply a hug.

Be the first point of contact.You will be the friendly face that greets each person who enters the office, so always have your smile and puppy dog eyes switched on.

Uphold team morale and encourage cohesiveness. Take part in team meetings and offer your expertise where needed. Encourage creative thinking and always be ready for a happy snap that will be uploaded on social media immediately!

Encourage employees to get active rather than being captive. Your co-workers are time poor and often attached to a desk all day. It is your duty to break this pattern by offering the opportunity to venture outside the confines of the office so your co-workers can get some fresh air.

Skills and expertise:
  • Puppy dog eyes and a big smile are a must
  • Ability to perform tricks is advantageous
  • Must be happy to “hot desk”
  • Immaculate personal presentation is a must – no wet dog smell or malting please

*Despite the job title, canines with fewer than four legs are more than welcome to apply. We are an EEO workplace and do not discriminate on the basis of leggedness.

About the author
Roxanne Calder
Managing Director

As Founder and Managing Director at EST10, Roxanne has an all-encompassing role that includes building and growing the business, as well as actively recruiting and consulting.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Monash University, Roxanne began her recruitment career with renowned recruiter Julia Ross. From there, Roxanne worked in HR and recruitment with a number of global players and boutique businesses throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 20 years. She has been responsible for managing large teams and projects, implementing RPO models, managing and assisting businesses to an IPO and assisting companies in setting up their recruitment teams and processes.

Following completion of her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne launched EST10 in July 2010. In doing so, she hoped to combine the flexibility and high touch service levels of boutique agencies with the structure and strategy afforded to larger firms. Roxanne believes in high-touch, high-care consulting and is always on the lookout for consultants that share this vision of recruitment.