Sydney Job Market Update – What It’s Really Like In Sydney Right Now

Posted On 11 Apr 2017

Sydney Job Market Update – What It’s Really Like In Sydney Right Now

11 Apr 2017
Sydney Job Market Update – What It’s Really Like In Sydney Right Now

Sydney Job Market Update – What It’s Really Like In Sydney Right Now

While everyone’s experience is different when it comes time to find a new job, Seek’s latest Administration & Office Support Report* offers some great insights into the state of the Sydney market why it’s a great time to consider making a move from London to Sydney.


Candidate applications are on the rise

Receptionist, PA/EA and Office Management roles continue to see strong response rates from applicants. This might not be something that you would necessarily want to hear as you want the competition to be a lot lower; however this is where you get the chance to stand out and ensure your CV is the best that it can be. Candidates that tailor their CV to reflect the role they are applying for are in the best position to be considered favourably when it comes time to screen and shortlist for the role. Additionally, many of our clients look favourably on international experience, giving Aussies returning from London that extra ‘edge’ to help them shine on paper.

There has been an increase in the number of roles advertised

Looking at month-on-month statistics, the number of jobs advertised in the PA/EA and Administrative Assistants sub-categories has increased by 2.28% and 1.55% respectively. These may seem like insignificant increases, but when looking further back at month-on-month trends and within the context of year-on-year data, this speaks to stability in the market. This being said, we continue to find that a number of roles are never publicly advertised, with companies instead recruiting from within or reaching out directly to preferred supplies. By aligning yourself with a great recruiter (and at EST10 we like to believe that’s us), you have access to the best opportunities on the market, specifically those that the majority of the market isn’t even aware of. A great recruiter will also be your personal cheer squad and brand ambassador, presenting you in the best light to the client and helping you every step of the way to give you the best chance of success.


Salaries continue to recover from their post-Christmas slump

Following a slight decrease in average advertised salaries (month-on-month) in January, salaries for Office Managers and Receptionists increased in February, bringing rates at junior, intermediate and senior levels on par with yearly averages. Interestingly, average advertised salaries for EAs and PAs at junior, intermediate and senior levels were above yearly averages in January, with this trend continuing into February. It remains to be seen how long this trend will sustain itself, but we have noticed an increase in the number of benefits (both monetary and non-monetary) that are being bundled into remuneration packages. Such benefits significantly increase overall remuneration above advertised rates and signal strong prospects for candidates looking to enter the market.


*All data and insights are drawn from the Seek Market Data Admin & Office Support NSW Report from February 2017. 



If you’re an Australian resident looking to make the move back to Sydney or a working holiday visa candidate about to start your Aussie adventure in Sydney, we’d love to hear from you. Click here to find out more.