Perfecting The EA Wardrobe

Posted On 1 Aug 2016

Perfecting The EA Wardrobe

1 Aug 2016
Perfecting The EA Wardrobe

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Perfecting The EA Wardrobe

If you’re an aspiring EA in the current competitive market, the first thought you inevitably had once you secured the interview for you dream job was “what will I wear?”. Crafting the perfect office wardrobe can be a daunting task, let alone for a job interview when first impressions count. After all, finding a looking that is intelligent, sophisticated and perfect for the role is no easy feat.

EST10 recently held a Wardrobe Workshop for our clients with Dijanna from Wardrobe 101. We run these events each year and love to reinvigorate our style and pick up new trends and tips. This year’s event was held at Saba Westfield Sydney with champagne, canapes and a group of fabulous women wanting to create their perfect work wardrobe to suit their style and office role. For those who missed out on a coveted spot, here are some of Dijanna’s top tips!

Rule Number 1 – Own your look!

When it comes to putting together your wardrobe, this hard and fast rule goes a long way. Confidence is the key to pulling off your individual style so take note that the things that make you different from others are also the things that make you fabulous.

Where do I start? (Forget the fruit)

Pear or apple? Contrary to popular belief, no one perfectly fits the mold of anything they keep in their fruit bowl! Instead of classifying yourself into one of these shapes and dressing accordingly, start by identifying the areas of your body you wish to show off and which ones you prefer to downplay. To draw the eye to the areas you do like, avoid clothes and jewelry that will obscure them. For example, to attract the eye to your elegant neck, a subtle necklace will work better than a bold one. Similarly, don’t cover areas you are trying to hide with busy prints.

The best trick Dijanna had for us is to offset your shape with opposite shapes. For example, if you are feeling “round”,  skip clothing with round motifs in favor of stripes to elongate. When in doubt, stick to simple colour schemes and subtle prints – outfits that are too bright and busy will often encourage that ‘hot mess’ look you don’t want to portray in the office!

Colour Me Professional

Colours have a subliminal effect, not just on others but also on your own psyche. In an office setting, this knowledge can do wonders for your career. According to Dijanna, all black can suggest you’re trying to hide something or that you’re lazy (after all, it’s not hard to match black with black with black)! Avoid the boredom of head-to-toe black by ensuring it is exceptionally well-cut, textured or expertly embellished (read: do not embellish at home with a glue gun!). Black and navy, however, is incredibly chic with navy suggesting authority, seriousness, and trustworthiness. Who knew your navy blazer could say so much? If your style begs for more colour, sky-blue suggests creativity and openness to new ideas and metallic touches scream glam. Be wary of red; its divisiveness means it can attract or frighten!

Rules to live by

  • If you find yourself buying too much of any one thing it’s because you haven’t found the right piece. Ditch the 20 black jackets in your wardrobe for one amazing piece that makes you feel powerful.
  • Take cues from those around you. This is especially important in a new role. Look around and determine what is appropriate and what isn’t and be sure not to dress more aggressively than your boss.
  • Remember: the higher the hem, the higher the neckline should be. The lower the neckline, the lower the hem should be.
  • Shoes are fabulous and can make or break your outfit but don’t let your shoes be the most interesting thing about you.
  • Buy pieces because you love them and because they represent your personal brand.


We had a fabulous time on the night and will definitely be putting some of Dijanna’s expert tips into practice! A very big thank you to Dijanna from Wardrobe 101 for sharing her knowledge and thank you to all who attended. What was your favourite tip from the night and how will you be incorporating it into your wardrobe?