Marketing Internship Weeks 9 & 10

Posted On 21 Sep 2019

Marketing Internship Weeks 9 & 10

21 Sep 2019

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Week 9

Oh boy, this week has been a HUGE one!

We have been insanely busy sending out postcards to our incredible clients and candidates.  It was a major undertaking and attention to detail was a must to ensure names and addresses were correct, which is vital in conveying the right impression.  There is nothing worse than receiving something in the mail and your name is misspelled!

I’m learning how critical these details are, especially when the company you are working for holds these factors highly as part of their core value set.

We hand-delivered some of the postcards and it was suggested I wear “comfortable shoes”, but even the comfiest shoes couldn’t prepare me for the distance I walked.  Fair to say I got my 10,000 steps in!

I was blessed however by the incredible Sydney weather that epitomised that ‘Spring’ feeling.  I also got to deliver to some offices with the most incredible panoramic views of Sydney Harbour and I would have been perfectly happy to sit in their reception areas for the day!

I’ve become much more familiar with the CBD now, that’s for sure, but I couldn’t do it without Google Maps, it saved my life!


Week 10

I can’t believe this is my tenth week here at EST10, the time has flown!

I spoke too soon regarding the weather though, we are back to Antarctic temperatures in Sydney (that’s a slight exaggeration, but it’s freezing!).

This week is a short one for me, as I have mid-session exams for Uni.  Events such as this remind me how fortunate I am to have received real-world experience while I am studying.  I have been able to apply theory to practice and obtain exposure to what office-life is truly like, which is invaluable.

Our lecturers frequently remind us that we need to have industry experience to be hirable by future employers due to the competitiveness of the marketing field.  So, to any current students, I highly recommend getting all the experience you can!


Catch up soon!