Marketing Internship Week 3

Posted On 6 Aug 2019

Marketing Internship Week 3

6 Aug 2019

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Week 2

I’m finding my feet now in Week 2, and I’m learning so much more about the everyday operations of the organisation. I began my week by attending the two-day Executive Secretary LIVE Conference at Sydney Harbour Marriott. EST10 was partnering with the conference and had an exhibition stand there, so I got the chance to liaise with the conference attendees’ speakers – it was such an exciting experience! Also, who knew so much work went into organising an event or putting together a stand? There is so much prep!

I also learned a lot about internal networking. The speakers that stood out to me, in particular, were Cathy Harris, Founder of Platinum Assistant Network South Africa and Vickie Sokol Evans, Microsoft Certified Trainer and former Executive Assistant. Both were inspiring speakers, and I learned so much about the importance of having a strong internal community and the tips and tricks to making your job easier.

This week I’m in more of a routine with the train schedule and where to go, I also did some touring of the inner city this week making client and candidate gift deliveries, so I have somewhat more of an idea of how to navigate the busy streets of the Sydney CBD!


Week 3

Week 3 has consisted mostly of packaging and sending out gifts to our incredible clients. I had never ventured to North Sydney via train and walked around before, so my mind was blown discovering how much of a hub it is beyond the bridge! I love the way EST10 celebrates all their candidate work anniversaries with gifts for the client and candidate!

TIP: Get out and explore the city! Get familiar with your surroundings but wear comfortable shoes because your step count will go through the roof!

An interesting concept that keeps coming to mind is ‘work-life balance’. Working as well as having any semblance of a social life AND have time to sleep? It is often discussed how the normal ‘9 to 5’ no longer exists due to many people taking their work home with them now; starting before dawn and finishing well after their scheduled end time in order to meet deadlines. I’ve noticed that many commuters spend their trip home still glued to their laptops and mobile phones, getting the most out of their day.

At EST10 there is definitely a balance of work hard and play hard, and lots of fun in the office- they even have a disco ball ?! I also feel as though I’m really settling into the office now and making deeper relationships with my colleagues.

Teya’s chosen photo of the week


The EST10 stand at the Exec Sec LIVE conference!


I look forward to reporting next fortnight’s happenings!


Teya Storm
Marketing Intern, EST10