Marketing Internship Week 11

Posted On 4 Oct 2019

Marketing Internship Week 11

4 Oct 2019

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Week 11

This week has been a mixed bag of jobs for me at EST10, including social media, deliveries, playing with photoshop and hunting for post-worthy graphics. The latter had me looking at a range of motivational posts and hilarious Monday memes, which had others in the office wondering what I was laughing out loud at.

I got to use photoshop for the first time and designed some job ads to post on our social media. There was already a template for these, but I thought I would test myself and create one from scratch. Let’s just say I stuck with the template, Photoshop is quite hard to navigate when you are a beginner, but I still really enjoyed it.

Another thing I learnt this week is how to use a media scheduling system, which allows us to auto-publish posts. This means that we don’t have to wake-up early and come up with a witty caption before our morning coffee – it’s already been done in advance. This does not mean we do not post on the run though, we do all the time – we love to share!

I also had an exciting opportunity to get my photo taken by a professional photographer, which was a fabulous experience. We were on a tight schedule and I’ve never seen everyone so quick on their feet to touch up the lippy and brush their hair! As a result though, everyone’s photos came back gorgeous – Kendall Jenner, eat your heart out!

Up until this week I thought that podcasts were the best thing since sliced bread to listen to on my commute to the city. But this week I discovered Netflix downloads, and this is now my preferred entertainment app for getting to and from work.

Reflecting on my time at EST10 over the past three months, I can really see how much I have learned and in such a short amount of time. Some of the tasks such as photoshop, social media scheduling and engagement reporting are all things you don’t get to experience sitting in a classroom. It also helps to have incredible mentors to guide you along the way, for which I am incredibly grateful.

It is my final week at EST10 next week, so tune in to find out about the highlights of my internship and what’s next for me!


My new professional headshot!

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