Marketing Internship Week 1

Posted On 19 Jul 2019

Marketing Internship Week 1

19 Jul 2019
Marketing Internship Week 1

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Marketing Internship Week 1


I’m Teya Storm, and I will be noting fortnightly blogs about my time as a Marketing Intern here at EST10. I’ll be sharing about the process of how I got this amazing opportunity and the experiences and lessons that I learn along the way. I’ll be here for a few months and look forward to writing about this exciting journey

About Me

I am 21-years-old and an avid outdoorswoman – I love travelling, camping, skiing, and bushwalking, and I feel most at peace swimming in the ocean. I’m in my final year of study of a Bachelor of Commerce, majoring in Public Relations at the University of Wollongong. I also have a part-time job as a Food and Beverage Attendant at Windjammers Restaurant at Novotel Northbeach Wollongong, and I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people every day.

Applying Myself

I came across this position through my Subject Coordinator for a marketing subject I studied and was inspired when Roxanne presented as a guest lecturer. The application process began with sending my resume to EST10 and then being invited in for an interview. The competition was fierce as there are over 300 students in my cohort. I was convinced that my resume and performance through the interview was not enough to secure the internship, however, when I received a phone call from Roxanne to let me know that I was successful, I was elated!

Tip 1: Always research the company you are interviewing with- I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t do it thoroughly enough, but in the interest of being transparent in my blog and giving you all I can- I’ll admit this! A lesson well learnt, though, and I’ll never let it happen again!

But, I must have done something right as I secured the role!

Tip 2: I highly recommend just putting yourself out there for real-world experience – it’s invaluable, and it could put you a step ahead of other candidates. You never know what can happen!


Week One

My first week came with some transportation issues given that I commute from Wollongong.

Tip 3: Download a real-time public transport app to get up-to-date notifications in the case of changes, delays or, in my case, cancelled trains – rookie error!

EST10 have some exciting events coming up. With everyone so incredibly busy, it’s nice to provide some assistance as well as learning a lot about the operations of the business. It’s been an interesting transition from working in a large team at Windjammers who consist not only of the restaurant team, kitchen staff as well as all the customers coming through the restaurant, in contrast to the team at EST10 which has more of a boutique feel. It’s beginning to feel more and more like family, and they have all welcomed me with open arms.

I was somewhat hesitant to apply for the internship initially as I wasn’t certain that the experience would provide the right value as well as the commute being a 3-hour round-trip journey, however, I’ve already found that my time at EST10 is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is already reaping its reward.

Speak to you next fortnight!


Teya Storm
Marketing Intern, EST10