Looking To Hire Your Next Superstar? Be Prepared To Get Your Skates On!

Posted On 22 Sep 2016

Looking To Hire Your Next Superstar? Be Prepared To Get Your Skates On!

22 Sep 2016
Looking To Hire Your Next Superstar? Be Prepared To Get Your Skates On!

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Looking To Hire Your Next Superstar? Be Prepared To Get Your Skates On!

Have you recently started the recruitment process, only to find that your favourite on the shortlist was snatched up by the competition? If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. In the current market, employers that don’t aim for a relatively quick turnaround are pipped at the post as candidates weigh up multiple job offers and even find themselves being offered at interview on the spot.

The most obvious answer here is to move quicker… but that isn’t necessarily the best advice, because hiring a new staff member is a big decision, and no decision this important should be made without the appropriate consideration. So, how do you walk that fine line between giving a decision the time it needs but not taking too long and missing out?


Understand the market

The first step to getting on top of the situation is to understand exactly where the market is at. Our experience has told us that the market today is almost completely different to the market even a few months ago, so for those of you who made your last hire over a year or two ago, be prepared to step into a whole new ball game. A great candidate today often won’t still be on the market in a few days’ time, so going into the recruitment process with the view to hire a candidate you meet tomorrow in a month’s time just isn’t realistic.

Know what you want and need

Before beginning the recruitment process, develop a clear idea of what you need and want from your new recruit so that your decision making can be as efficient as possible. Be sure to cover current business needs, but if you envision hiring a candidate that can develop in their role and the business, remember to note down the personal qualities that will speak to this potential. It’s also a good idea to consider whether or not you need to see work samples to accurately gauge skills. By asking candidates to bring everything you need to the initial interview, you won’t find yourself waiting for the second round to view these materials.


Play it smart

Little things like scheduling multiple interviews in one day can help speed line the requirement process so you can quickly move into the next step in the process. It’s also a good idea to prepare any additional paperwork or testing in advance and have new contracts in the pipeline from day one of the process. And when you’ve made your decision about the next great addition to your team, don’t delay in making an offer! If the decision has been made on Tuesday afternoon at 4pm, don’t wait until Wednesday morning to pick up the phone. A lot can happen overnight!


Have a back-up plan

As you go through the recruitment process, you should absolutely commit to and be enthusiastic about the best case scenario, but despite everyone’s best intentions, sometimes things just don’t work out. It can be incredibly disappointing but there’s no time to wallow in self-pity… you’ve got to keep the ball rolling. If your desired candidate does reject your offer, having a backup plan in place and keeping candidates warm allows you to keep moving rather than starting from the beginning again. It means that you can get in touch with your second choice – who is undoubtedly still an amazing hire, otherwise they wouldn’t be your fallback in the first place – and move forward with ease.