It’s A Recruitment Jungle Out There

Posted On 27 Jun 2018

It’s A Recruitment Jungle Out There

27 Jun 2018
How to interview smarter to secure your next admin superstar

How to interview smarter to secure your next admin superstar

By Roxanne Calder, Founder & Managing Director


It’s no secret the Sydney market is in the midst of an ongoing skills shortage, where talented candidates hold more power than ever before. The days of being spoilt for choice are over; it’s employers who now need to do the selling during the recruitment process as candidates weigh up multiple competing employment options.

So how do you sell yourself in an increasingly competitive talent market? In short, by shifting your recruitment mindset and interviewing smarter. If you don’t interview with candidate motivators top of mind, the best candidates will ultimately slip through your fingers and accept a competing offer elsewhere.

Here are my top five interview tips to secure your next admin superstar.

Understand what makes your company a great place to work

Being able to clearly communicate your employee value proposition during the interview, as a key element of your wider employer brand, is essential. Why are you such a great place to work? What are your values and how do you adhere to them? What does your company stand for? What unique benefits are you offering?
Remember, your employer brand is your differentiator – we find that many businesses offer the same salary packages and workplace benefits, but it’s a clear understanding of your brand that will make a candidate gravitate to your company over another. In its report, The True Cost of Bad Hire, research firm Brandon Hall recently found organisations investing in employer branding are three times more likely to make a quality hire.

Be familiar with what your potential employees are looking for
Stay up-to-date with the latest workplace research, talk to your current employees and seek advice from a trusted recruitment partner. And be mindful that it is rarely salary or benefits that will win a candidate over.

According to recent research, we conducted with our partner recruitment agency Angela Mortimer over in the UK, over 60% of our candidates surveyed said having a positive working environment was the most important thing to them when considering a new employer. This was followed by flexible work practices, good career progression and inspirational leadership. A better than average salary and competitive benefits were the least attractive elements.

Work with your recruiter to tailor individual interviews
You need to truly understand what motivates the individual in front of you, what they are looking for beyond the day-to-day role itself, and sell according to that. A good recruiter will be able to provide valuable insights into these motivations and will assist you with tailoring individual interviews. Essentially, you need to pitch the role throughout the interview process and address the candidate’s requirements as well as yours.

Always be genuine, authentic and real
Potential candidates will pick up on subliminal or subconscious messages that do not resonate with what is being said during the interview. If there is something you cannot deliver, be honest about it. If the business is going through a cultural transformation or there have been cultural issues, don’t cover it up, be honest, talk about where the business is going, and the changes that have happened already.

Move quickly
Finally, time is of the essence. As soon as you have decided to make an offer, make sure your processes are in place to be able to move as quickly as possible. Too often we see our clients miss out on great candidates due to complex and lengthy hiring processes.