Introducing… The Shorter “Shortlist”!

Posted On 21 Oct 2015

Introducing… The Shorter “Shortlist”!

21 Oct 2015
Introducing… The Shorter “Shortlist”!

Introducing… The Shorter “Shortlist”!

When it comes to recruiting a new employee, employers no longer have the luxury of shortlisting and benchmarking. In fact, the “shortlist” you do receive may only be one candidate. But does this matter if they are the right candidate?

Over the past decade, shortlist lengths have decreased dramatically. This is not to say that candidate attraction is poor, but rather, that highlighting a gem candidate is more important than burying a needle in a haystack.

In a market where talent is snatched up almost as soon as it is found, reducing time to recruit is crucial. A good recruiter will help speed up your recruitment by presenting the right candidates from the onset, but there are other things you can do to speed things up at your end too.

Know your business inside-out

They key to moving quickly is being able to know exactly what you’re looking for and how to spot it when it’s right in front of you. This means knowing your business inside-out, both in terms of where you are now and where your business is going in the future.

Don’t delay in securing an interview

If you find a resume you like, secure an interview straight away. Failure to do so may see that prospect walk into the arms of your competitors.

Reduce time to offer

Of late, we have seen a number of candidates receive job offers on-the-spot. This may not be feasible for your firm, but reducing time to offer the job could make a world of difference if your prospect is considering other roles.