Into The Swing Of London Life

Posted On 8 Aug 2018

Into The Swing Of London Life

8 Aug 2018
Into The Swing Of London Life

Our WHV competition winner Ella Crowley shares her experiences in London and summer plans in Europe…

Four months down in the big smoke! Honestly, it’s flown by! I’m settled now with a new routine, a new space, a new group of people, an exciting array of work assignments and so many new learnings. One thing’s for sure… I’m well into the swing of life in London.

So far I’ve been really lucky to have consistent and varied work. I’ve temped through Angela Mortimer in a few different companies and it has been so invaluable; I’ve gained lots of confidence and learned such a wide variety of new skills that I’m not sure would have been possible in a single perm role. I’ve done three weeks here, a day or two there, vowing to take up as many opportunities as possible and doing everything from office jobs to bar work to serving dinner to a British MP!

Work has taken me all around London and as far out as sunny Arundel. It’s been a great way to meet people and I’m incredibly grateful for the flexibility it’s given me for weekends away in Bristol and Cambridge. The peace, greenery and hikes of the Cotswolds are a definite stand out. I visited with my family and it was a perfect break from London. Bath and Brighton are also definitely worth a visit; Bath obviously for the famous Roman baths and picturesque rolling hills, Brighton for a colourful and brilliant collection of people, the seaside and the stunning seven sisters. I’m also grateful for the chance to take a little break over the summer.

Speaking of summer, it’s hot here! In fact, it’s the hottest summer my housemates can recall and the city is so alive… and slightly confused! I’ve slowly ticked off some of London’s best museums (I go back to the Tate time and time again), caught a bunch of festivals (some free!) and discovered some really great events. Rooftop bars are packed, lidos too. And the parks are full of people soaking up the sun.

With summer coming to its peak, so many friends around me are setting off on quick European getaways. I’ve decided to follow suit and make sure I squeeze the most out of my time here. In fact, I’ve set aside four months away, covering a big arc through Amsterdam, Berlin and Prague before making my way down the Balkans, hopefully hopping over to Portugal and Morocco a little later on. My lease is up, my backpack is packed and my train to Amsterdam is booked! It’s bound to be an exciting trip and I’m sure winter in London will be a welcome opportunity for rejuvenation when I’m done.