Interviewing My 88 Year Old Aunt!

Posted On 16 Sep 2020

Interviewing My 88 Year Old Aunt!

16 Sep 2020

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Interviewing My 88 Year Old Aunt!

This vlog is quite personal. It was filmed at the end of 2019, in stunning but ‘sideways rain’, freezing Edinburgh and it was to be the start of our ‘Generational Interviews’ – exploring the differences and similarities in working/employment etc. across the ages. This first interview is with my Great Aunt (88 years young) and captures some of her memories entering the workforce, just as WW2 finished.

I really hope you enjoy it – it is a bit longer than the usual short videos we produce – but it’s very hard to edit and cut those dear to you – so please forgive my indulgence on that! Plus, the accent is to die for – so there are subtitles to assist (much to my family’s disdain)!

Did you know…

  • In Scotland – there was close to full-time employment after WW2
  • Yoga at lunchtime didn’t originate from the Hipsters in Byron Bay
  • You could leave your job on Friday and have another one on Monday
  • Your ‘wages’ were given to you each week, cash and in an envelope
  • Women were not allowed to wear pants at work
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Roxanne Calder
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As Founder and Managing Director at EST10, Roxanne has an all-encompassing role that includes building and growing the business, as well as actively recruiting and consulting.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Monash University, Roxanne began her recruitment career with renowned recruiter Julia Ross. From there, Roxanne worked in HR and recruitment with a number of global players and boutique businesses throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 20 years. She has been responsible for managing large teams and projects, implementing RPO models, managing and assisting businesses to an IPO and assisting companies in setting up their recruitment teams and processes.

Following completion of her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne launched EST10 in July 2010. In doing so, she hoped to combine the flexibility and high touch service levels of boutique agencies with the structure and strategy afforded to larger firms. Roxanne believes in high-touch, high-care consulting and is always on the lookout for consultants that share this vision of recruitment.