If I Was A Man…

Posted On 14 Apr 2021

If I Was A Man…

14 Apr 2021
If I Was A Man…

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If I Was A Man…

I love Taylor Swift; I love her song, “The man”, and all the lyrics that go with it. It makes me smile and resonates with me.

I am about to tread on turf I usually stay well clear of. Politics, religion, anything in this realm is usually out of bounds for a recruitment blog. Right? Except if it goes to the heart of what we feel.

I am not shy about going against the tide and saying and being the opposite of what others might be thinking. Sometimes I do this just to humour myself, cause a reaction, encourage some spirited dialogue and conversation and other times, it will be just because it’s who I am. This topic is no different.

My truth

What has prompted my thoughts in this area is the recent Christine Holgate situation. I don’t know her, have never recruited for her or her businesses, but I feel for her. I am not referring to what she has ‘done’ but rather the treatment towards her and the media’s perception. Would it be different, ‘if I was a man’? My heart and mind say yes, it is likely.

Of course, I am a feminist, but I don’t jump on bandwagons – in fact, I am often suspicious of them – do their actions support their cause or the opposite? I love being female, a woman, and all the things that go with that, especially the spirit and energy of what feminine power can represent.

Promoting females

Still, I regularly question all policies, decisions made in the guise of ‘promoting females’, for I fear we often do ourselves an injustice with some of the envelopes we push. There are some doubts and questions I regularly grapple with. For example, I am not sure I agree with all instances of gender quotas – I agree with the reason and the benefit, but there are some situations where I don’t believe it’s always appropriate. I share this view of mine with you purely to show that my other belief of ‘if I was a man’ is balanced and is not one-eyed in pushing an agenda.

It’s certainly my reality and truth of, ‘if I was a man’, and I believe it’s the reality for many females, especially in a male-dominated field or industry. Is it any wonder females shy away from leadership roles when this occurs?

This time last year (April 2020), let’s not forget the controversial exit of ex-CEO of Rugby Australia, Raelene Castle. There are many more of these instances – they are just not as high profile as these two ladies. So, we don’t ‘hear’, and we are not aware. The fact that we don’t know about it, doesn’t mean is not happening.

Females supporting females?

While on this topic, and to throw another counter and delicate thought out there – as females, do we always support other females? I am not so sure. At a superficial level…. if any of you remember the old ‘Survivor’ episodes – I am struggling to recall one female that supported another female all the way through. Yet, time after time, the males on the show did this for each other.

The good thing is the world is changing rapidly. In so many ways, we depend on each other much more than before, no matter our gender. So how about, instead, we just support each other…as fellow humans.

Onto Taylor Swift…

In case you are interested, some of my other favourite lyrics from the song are;

“I’d be a fearless leader, I’d be an alpha type, When everyone believes ya. What’s that like?

I’m so sick of running as fast I can, Wondering if I’d get there quicker

If I was a man

They’d say I hustled, Put in the work, They wouldn’t shake their heads and question how much of this I deserve”

Resonating for anyone else? ?

Thank you for indulging me; next week will be back to normal!

“Women hold up half the sky.” — Chinese proverb

About the author
Roxanne Calder
Managing Director

As Founder and Managing Director at EST10, Roxanne has an all-encompassing role that includes building and growing the business, as well as actively recruiting and consulting.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Monash University, Roxanne began her recruitment career with renowned recruiter Julia Ross. From there, Roxanne worked in HR and recruitment with a number of global players and boutique businesses throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 20 years. She has been responsible for managing large teams and projects, implementing RPO models, managing and assisting businesses to an IPO and assisting companies in setting up their recruitment teams and processes.

Following completion of her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne launched EST10 in July 2010. In doing so, she hoped to combine the flexibility and high touch service levels of boutique agencies with the structure and strategy afforded to larger firms. Roxanne believes in high-touch, high-care consulting and is always on the lookout for consultants that share this vision of recruitment.