Have You Read Our 2016-17 Salary Guide?

Posted On 21 Oct 2016

Have You Read Our 2016-17 Salary Guide?

21 Oct 2016

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Have You Read Our 2016-17 Salary Guide?

If you’re yet to read our 2016/17 Salary Guide, what are you waiting for? We’ve spent the last 12 months interviewing over 2,000 candidates across a broad range of industries. Our Salary Guide collates the data provided by such individuals as well as trends uncovered in our day-to-day activities, and is available to read in full at www.est10.com.au/salary-guide.

Following a note from our Founder and Managing Director, our guide provides a breakdown of salaries for candidates at the junior, intermediate and senior levels for:

  • Receptionists
  • Team Assistants
  • Office Managers
  • Personal Assistants
  • Executive Assistants
  • Legal Assistants
  • HR Coordinators
  • Marketing Coordinators
  • Accounts Support

You’ll also find a breakdown for each role including the latest industry trends, key duties, required experience and essential skills.

Visit www.est10.com/salary-guide to view the full guide.