EST10 Celebrates 7 Years In Business

Posted On 5 Jul 2017

EST10 Celebrates 7 Years In Business

5 Jul 2017
EST10 Celebrates 7 Years In Business

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EST10 Celebrates 7 Years In Business

EST10’s MD Roxanne Calder reflects on how recruitment has evolved since 2010 and what companies need to do to secure the best talent…

Established in 2010, EST10 is proud to be celebrating seven successful years in business. Far from experiencing the ups and downs of a classic seven-year itch, EST10 continues to go from strength to strength, evolving and adapting to market conditions, ready to navigate the next seven-year business cycle.

We talk to EST10 founder and managing director Roxanne Calder about how recruitment has changed in the past seven years, what companies need to do to secure the best talent and how she sees the next seven years unfolding.

Q: Since you established EST10 back in 2010, how has your business evolved?

A: In the last seven years, our values and approach to what we do have remained firmly in place. We’ve adapted to changing market conditions, but fundamentally we’re the same as we were when we first opened. We’re still about recruiting with integrity, marching to the beat of our own drum and providing the best service possible to our clients and candidates.

In terms of expansion, we now have a London-based Talent Acquisition Manager sourcing Australians returning from London, as well as assisting British working holiday visa candidates moving to Sydney. Even though we’re only relatively small, we take a global view of what we do in order to provide that little bit extra to the local market.


Q: What changes have you witnessed?

A: The most notable change is the speed at which recruitment is now moving. Since 2010, the market has quickly shifted to one where candidates not clients hold all the power – and more than we had ever anticipated.

As the Australian labour market continues to tighten, we’re literally seeing great candidates available one day, snapped up the next. We no longer have the luxury of time to provide long lists of potential candidates. Instead, our shortlist of two to four candidates – or even one in some cases – is well received by our clients who trust our recommendations and who understand they have to move quickly.

The impact and influence of social media and the new and ever-evolving interview technologies are also contributing to a stronger sense of urgency than there was back in 2010.


Q: So how do companies stay one step ahead and secure the best talent in such a fast moving market?

A: In a nutshell, think ahead. And don’t underestimate the speed of the market. For us, it’s all about lining up your processes before you start recruiting. The most successful companies have a clear picture of the role and ideal candidate before engaging with a recruiter. And you need to have all the appropriate approval processes in place, ready to go at a moment’s notice. These can include scheduling interview times with the relevant executive or final decision maker well in advance of even shortlisting a candidate. And having contracts pre-prepared so you only need to update basic details when it comes to making an offer.


Q: In recent years, there’s been a lot of focus on communicating employee value proposition (EVP) as an important element of the recruitment process. In your view, what are some of the best ways to articulate and pitch this to potential candidates?

A: When talking to our clients about EVP we always suggest a dual approach. The first is to determine what matters to your ideal employees and build your EVP accordingly. The second is to make sure you and your employees are on board with your key messages and can talk about your EVP confidently to external stakeholders. The companies embracing social media as a way to communicate EVP and engage with potential employees are also able to better attract a younger demographic.


Q: How have new technologies changed your recruitment processes in recent years? What trends do you see emerging?

A: Technology developments over the last seven years have had a big impact on streamlining recruitment processes, enabling both recruiters and employers to catch up with the rapid rate at which the market now moves. Online onboarding systems that collect candidate data, provide access to skills testing, manage engagement paperwork and then take candidates through induction training have all contributed to a faster paced recruitment environment.

We’re also seeing Skype interviews becoming more commonplace and this trend is set to continue. Although one of our policies is that we only present clients with candidates we’ve met, if a role is particularly time sensitive we will conduct a Skype interview rather than wait a few days for the candidate to be able to physically come in and meet us. In many cases, this now helps us achieve a better and quicker outcome for both clients and candidates.


Q: Finally, what does the next seven-cycle hold for EST10?

A: What is truly great about the last 7 years is that intellectually, we have been kept on our toes in keeping up with the changes, advances and challenges presented to us. Additionally we have to be significantly ahead of the market in pre-empting the changes, impacts and shifts. So, while there have been times where we have truly been tested, it has also been such an exciting time to be in business. We are not a business that plods along; we love the pace of change, thrive on the challenge and are adventurous and fearless in our approach to the unknown.

I am hoping the next 7 years bring more change and challenge, ensuring we evolve accordingly in being the best we can be. We are a progressive business with innovative approaches and look forward to applying our creative thoughts in making EST10 a stronger and better business.

Australia will continue to feel the pinch of the talent short market. We believe people in general are crying out for expertise in all areas, whether that is your local trades’ person, Doctor or Recruitment Consultant. Being the expert in your field will be key in securing your success. We see this as a great opportunity for EST10. We want to be the best at what we do. We want to be the go-to office support recruiter in the Sydney market. And we want to give the best possible consulting advice. All while upholding our core values.

At the same time, technology advances within the workplace will see a reduction on the demand for the general administration roles but an increase in demand for more highly skilled support positions. Further education and technical training will be needed as well as a flexible approach to how you work. Self-motivation, a disciplined approach, a great attitude and strong resilience are attributes that are valued in any work environment and will be more so looked upon favorably in our the current environment.