DOs And DON’Ts When Looking For A New Job

Posted On 27 Jan 2016

DOs And DON’Ts When Looking For A New Job

27 Jan 2016
DOs And DON’Ts When Looking For A New Job

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DOs And DON’Ts When Looking For A New Job

Desperate to find a new job yet still somehow managed to waste another day on your job search?

The worst thing you can do when searching for a new job is miss out on an amazing opportunity or deadline because you were busy scrolling through search results or sprucing up your resume. Fortunately, there are a few simple tips and tricks that can help cut your prep and search time in half, so you spend less time searching and more time interviewing.

DON’T waste time on Internet job boards

Less than 10% of all available jobs are listed online so your chances of finding your ideal job here are already slim. That’s not to say that you should avoid job boards altogether; rather, you should make the most of the time you do spend on them.

DON’T waste time rewriting your resume

Yes, sending out the same resume for every role you apply to probably isn’t the best strategy, but spending hours customising your resume for each role is similarly ill-advised. Once you factor in the time it takes to research the company you are applying for, you’re setting yourself up for a long-winded application process.

DON’T waste time ‘going through the motions’

Albert Einstein is widely credited with the phrase “insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result”. When it comes to your job search, there comes a point when doing the same old thing just isn’t going to get you anywhere. They key is to recognise when the ‘same old’ isn’t working. The sooner you recognise this, the sooner you can shake things up and land yourself a job interview!

DO talk to industry contacts

When it comes to starting your job search, bypass the job boards in favour of reaching out to your existing network. More often than not, the best opportunities are right within reach, so long as you have the courage to put yourself out there and simply ask. A network contact can also act as referee, offering insight into your past experience and potential whilst bumping you up the shortlist.

DO develop relationships with a trusted recruiter

A good recruiter will become your personal cheer squad, providing guidance throughout your job search and impressing clients on your behalf. Recruiters also have access to jobs not readily available on the open market, and can utilise their relationship with the client to your advantage.

DO utilize search filters and saved searches

Search filters are a great way to refine search results and shave hours off your job search. After all, what’s the point of looking through listings that are simply not a match?! Sites like Seek and LinkedIn also allow you to save filtered searches, allowing you to pick up exactly where you left off after taking a break from your search.

DO create a master resume to simplify resume customization

master resume is a document that houses every single job, skill, responsibility and qualification you have ever held in your life. When it comes time to prepare your resume for a job application, instead of writing your resume from scratch or pulling bits and pieces from various resumes you’ve prepared in the past, you can save time by drawing everything from the one place.

DO remember to take a break

Spending hours on end searching for a job can take its toll physically, socially and psychologically. Don’t be afraid to step away from the computer to get some fresh air or exercise. A refresh and re-set will clear your mind and help re-focus on the task at hand. And if you’re worried about missing out on a call or email, just take your phone with you and keep it off silent… simple!