Being An Admin Professional Is One Of The Best Jobs In The World. Here’s Why…

Posted On 5 May 2017

Being An Admin Professional Is One Of The Best Jobs In The World. Here’s Why…

5 May 2017
Being An Admin Professional Is One Of The Best Jobs In The World. Here's Why...

Being An Admin Professional Is One Of The Best Jobs In The World. Here's Why...

Never heard the phrase ‘Admin Professional’ before? An Admin Professional is any individual who works in an administrative or office support capacity. This includes Executive and Personal Assistants, Receptionists, Office Managers, Secretaries, Legal Secretaries and Administrators.

If you think just anyone can perform in these roles, think again! It takes a seasoned professional to make admin look effortless. Admin Professionals are an integral, irreplaceable part of every business and if you don’t think being an Admin Professional is one of the best jobs in the world, here are five reasons that should change your mind.

Reason #1

You can work in any company anywhere in the world

While every Admin Professional develops skills and knowledge specific to the industry they work in, Admin Professionals develop a core set of transferrable skills that can be used in any company worldwide. And this doesn’t just come down to technical skills like how to master a mail merge or utilise VLOOKUP! Admin Professionals develop meticulous attention to detail and approach even the most urgent tasks or catastrophic disasters with a sense of poise and calm, leading by example and reassuring executives that all will be well. In dealing with everyone from members of the public, employees and internal stakeholders to the VIPs of the business landscape, Admin Professionals also develop strong communication and EQ skills, providing the flexibility and adaptability to handle any situation with confidence.

Reason #2

Travel the world as an Executive Assistant

Not looking to take your admin skills overseas but still interested in international travel? Many Executive Assistants travel with their Executives or on their behalf. Just imagine, you could be in sunny Sydney one week and historic London the next, working during the day and then exploring the city once your work is done. This is the one instance you can absolutely mix business with pleasure!


Reason #3

You get to work with and learn from some of the best in the industry

Admin Professionals work with a broad array of individuals in their day-to-day activity. From greeting the who’s who of the business world in reception to working 1:1 with CEOs, Managing Directors, high-profile figures and industry leaders, few other roles in business provide the opportunity to work so closely with such influential individuals. This affords Admin Professionals, and in particular Executive Assistants, unparalleled opportunities for professional development, personal growth and networking.


Reason #4

There’s no ‘glass ceiling’

Despite every effort to shatter glass ceilings in the business world, the fact remains that gender and cultural biases prevail when it comes to career progression. It’s a sad reality and one that we sincerely hope will be a thing of the past sooner rather than later, but the good news for Admin Professionals is that your career progression can be entirely unhindered. When partnering with the right boss and a great company, you will often be granted the rare privilege of being able to make your role your own, taking on new projects and shaping not only your future but that of the business. As testament, we have witnessed many EAs become Chief of Staff, Director of Operations and even COO.


Reason #5

There’s an entire day devoted to Admin Professionals

Unofficial secular observances are a dime a dozen but there’s one in particular that’s definitely worth celebrating and that’s Admin Professionals’ Day! In London, it’s celebrated on the last Wednesday in April (April 26th in 2017) and in Australia, it’s celebrated on the first Friday in May (May 5th in 2017).

As specialists in the office support space, we treat Admin Professionals’ Day like Christmas and go all-out in celebrating with our clients and candidates. Any executives reading this might like to reward their office support team with flowers or a special lunch. Better yet, why not nominate a superstar EA in our Admin Professionals’ Day competition to find the best EA in Sydney. In 2015 we rewarded our winner with a trip to New York and our 2016 winner travelled to San Francisco. This year, we wanted to make our prize extra special and have arranged for our winner to attend an amazing global EA conference in Las Vegas! Entires are now open and close 5pm AEST, Friday 19th May. Visit and keep an eye on our social media for more details.


Reason #6

Businesses couldn’t operate without you!

Admin Professionals play one of the most important roles in any business; they keep things running smoothly! There’s a real sense of pride that comes with being the ‘go-to’ person in the office for any query, no matter how big or small. On top of this, how many other professions provide the opportunity to interact across multiple business functions, liaise with high profile stakeholders and work right alongside the executives that shape the world we live in? In short, very few! I personally believe being an Admin Professional is such an amazing opportunity for any individual that is lucky enough to choose this profession or find themselves called to it, and being an Admin Professional is something you should definitely be proud of.