8 Must-Watch TED Talks For Career Success

Posted On 1 Aug 2018

8 Must-Watch TED Talks For Career Success

1 Aug 2018
8 Must-Watch TED Talks For Career Success

Wondering how to make work-life balance work? Interested in making stress your friend? We’ve compiled our favourite TED talks to guide and inspire career success.


1. Dan Pink – The puzzle of motivation

Motivation is key to getting the ball rolling and keeping it rolling. It can lead to heightened productivity and performance to help you best achieve your career goals. Motivation should always be the main objective when striving for career success making the below talk a definite must watch!


2. Tim Ferriss – Smash fear, learn anything

Fear can hold you back from reaching your full potential and will prevent career success. Instead of pushing our boundaries, fear encourages us to avoid any potential failure or rejection. For example, not applying for a role, avoiding salary negotiations or failing to speak up can all be key factors keeping you from potential career growth or success.


3. Kelly McGonigal – How to make stress your friend

Turn stress into success and make it work for you! Stress is your body’s warning system triggering the fight of flight response. Curious as to how stress can be your friend? Have you ever considered that stress can boost your efficiency? Kelly McGonigal explains how applying a little pressure goes hand in hand with accomplishment.


4. Nigel Marsh – How to make work-life balance work

In today’s demanding and unpredictable work climate, work-life balance often feels more and more difficult to achieve. Without balance, you run the risk of burnout, lack of engagement and compromised physical and mental health. Nigel Marsh offers some stirring encouragement to make work-life balance a priority.


5. Dan Ariely – What makes us feel good about our work?

Our sense of professional worth is intrinsically linked to our self-worth. As such, it’s important to feel a certain level of fulfilment at work to feel successful. Often, when experiencing professional dissatisfaction, it’s common to believe this dissatisfaction is a deeper reflection of who we are and what we’re capable of, rather than recognising changeable circumstances that could be contributing to these feelings. Dan Ariely reveals the unexpected attitudes toward meaning in our work in the TED Talk below.


6. Tony Robbins – Why we do what we do

Understanding why we do what we do is so important as its encourages a clearer vision of the bigger picture and therefore a clearer path to career success. With this understanding, you are best equipped to make informed decisions about career progression. Have you asked yourself what drives you in your life today? Consider your answer as you watch this TED Talk.


7. Arianna Huffington – How to succeed? Get more sleep

It’s easy to forget that something as basic as sleep can have a significant impact on career success. Learn how to sleep your way to increase productivity and happiness… and smarter decision-making. Our favourite quote from Arianna’s TED Talk: closing your eyes can help open the mind!


8. Simon Sinek – How great leaders inspire action

Have you thought about how being successful in your career can extend to helping those around you? Being an inspirational leader can help inspire action and drive team success. His model for inspirational leadership… start by asking “Why?”