5 Reasons You Should Consider A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) In London

Posted On 13 Nov 2017

5 Reasons You Should Consider A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) In London

13 Nov 2017
5 Reasons You Should Consider A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) In London

5 Reasons You Should Consider A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) In London

With the recent launch of our London Competition, Roxanne Calder (EST10 Founder and Managing Director) and Angela Mortimer (Angela Mortimer Group Co-Founder and Director) discuss the benefits of international work experience and why living abroad is an experience you won’t regret.


There’s no denying that an overseas holiday is one of those things you wish you could indulge in more often. Travel can be a delightful escape from the monotony of everyday life, but have you ever considered that maybe life doesn’t have to be quite so monotonous?

Would it be so unreasonable to suggest that blurring the line between work and travel is the answer?

A working holiday visa (often abbreviated to WHV) is a residence permit that allows the holder to live and work abroad for an extended period of time, facilitating cultural exchange and allowing you to supplement your travel funds while overseas. This is a fantastic way to earn money while travelling and from a professional perspective, the fact that you have lived and worked overseas practically affixes a giant neon sign above your head that says, ‘this candidate right here is an absolute superstar!’

At EST10, we’re always on the lookout for great talent. At the same time, we’re also on the lookout for unmissable opportunities that can help our office support network to be the best they can, both personally and professionally. So can you imagine our excitement when we partnered with our good friends over at Angela Mortimer Group in the UK to reward one lucky Australian with flights to London and an amazing work assignment upon their arrival!

“Our London competition is an unmissable opportunity for an experienced EA or admin professional, an office junior or even a recent graduate or school leaver looking to gain experience abroad,” says Roxanne Calder, Founder and Managing Director at EST10 in Sydney.

“Taking on a working holiday visa is truly a once in a lifetime opportunity to live and work overseas, develop your skill set, step outside your comfort zone and build resilience. And at the end of your travels, you’ll be in the best possible position to wow employers once you arrive home”.

Angela Mortimer, Co-Founder and Director of Angela Mortimer Group echoes this sentiment.

“Exposure in the international environment broadens horizons and enhances skills that are invaluable to the personal assistant role; demonstrating adaptability, cultural awareness and cognizance to personal development,” says Angela. “This competition is an exciting opportunity to make you stand out from the crowd and accelerate your career.”

Still not quite convinced? Here are five reasons you should consider a working holiday visa in London…


1.       Immerse yourself in a new culture

There’s so much more to travel than just checking off iconic tourist destinations! Travelling overseas provides an unparalleled opportunity to learn about the subtle nuances between cultures and how food, art, history, language, religion, economics and infrastructure combine to inform modern life. Your time abroad will allow you to interact with people from a completely different part of the world and engender greater cultural awareness and appreciation.


2.       Meet new people and network on an international scale

While it’s now commonplace to network internationally with the click of a mouse, online relationships rarely compare to the personal connections you forge while overseas and you never know where your next professional opportunity will come from. Professional aspirations aside, some of the strongest friendships are born on the back of a chance encounter with a complete stranger while on the opposite side of the world. It would truly be a shame to deny yourself the opportunity to develop such relationships.


3.       Explore a new part of the world

Anyone who has ever travelled outside Australia can attest to the fact that the land down under is remarkably isolated compared to most of the world. In the time it takes a Sydneysider to travel to Perth, a Londoner can travel across the Mediterranean or the Baltic Sea and to any country in between! When you live on any continent other than Australia, new and exciting countries are suddenly more accessible and every weekend turns into a potential adventure!


4.       Develop your skill set and bring home an unbeatable CV

Living overseas can help you gain a global understanding of your industry, and while it is true that we live in interconnected economies, being able to understand the nuances of how things are done of the other side of the world will be an asset to your career. Even if you don’t work in the same industry while overseas, you will be exposed to new experiences that you would never face locally, and the resilience and skill needed to face new challenges and environments will easily be transferable back home.


5.       Unparalleled opportunity for personal development

Immersing yourself in an unfamiliar environment requires commitment, resourcefulness and resilience. These might not be qualities that you automatically identify with, but they are undoubtedly qualities that reside in each one of us and qualities that prove to be most useful throughout life. We challenge you to think of a better way to gain greater independence and self-awareness than getting out of your comfort zone and exposing yourself to new cultures, environments and opportunities while living and working abroad!



Thinking about undertaking a working holiday visa in London? We’re rewarding one lucky Aussie with return flights to London plus an amazing work assignment in the UK. Find out more at www.est10.com.au/london-competition