5 Reasons To Celebrate Admin Professionals’ Day

Posted On 3 May 2017

5 Reasons To Celebrate Admin Professionals’ Day

3 May 2017
5 Reasons To Celebrate Admin Professionals’ Day

5 Reasons To Celebrate Admin Professionals’ Day

It’s Admin Professionals’ Day this Friday 5 May. And here at EST10, we’re strong advocates for celebrating the wonderful work of office professionals all around the world.

But where does Admin Professionals’ Day originate from? And why should you celebrate with us this Admin Professionals’ Day?

From the US, Canada, Hong Kong and Malaysia to Ireland, Holland, New Zealand and Australia, Admin Professionals’ Day has been a highlight on the workplace calendar since the late 1940s.

After World War Two, the National Secretaries’ Association was founded in the US to recognise the valuable contribution of admin professionals to the post-war economy, to support their personal development and to help attract workers into secretarial roles. The first National Secretaries’ Week was held in June 1952 with 4 June 1952 designated the first National Secretaries’ Day.

And this special day has gained traction ever since. When the association changed its name in 1998 to the International Association of Admin Professionals (IAAP) to better reflect the changing nature of admin roles in the modern economy, the new Admin Professionals’ Day was born.

In the last 70 years, the role of an admin professional has evolved enormously to become a serious career choice for many young people. Many junior roles still involve straight forward duties such as filing. But the difference now is the expectation that you’ll grow in your role, responsibilities and remuneration – and relatively quickly.

The evolution is most visible at the more senior levels. At EST10, we see office managers involved in business operations and executive assistants contributing to business strategy, especially those supporting at MD or C-Suite level. Not only do they participate in executive meetings, they often have the authority to take action when an executive is absent


Why celebrate your admin team this Admin Professionals’ Day?

So why should you celebrate your amazing admin team this Admin Professionals’ Day? Just a small tip, gifts and a special lunch are always appreciated.

Here are our top five reasons why your admin team is worth its weight in gold.


1. They keep the cogs just keep on turning

Your dedicated admin professionals are on top of all the little things most of us would never think of. From restocking supplies to tidying up reception areas, they’re invaluable when it comes to keeping organisations running smoothly and efficiently. Diligent and conscientious, most modern day workplaces would not be the same without them.


2. No problem or challenge is too hard

They handle a schedule conflict or coordinate a last minute business trip without a moment’s hesitation. Most admin professionals, and EAs in particular, think on their feet and remain cool and calm under pressure. Quick and proactive, no problem or challenge is too hard or too daunting.


3. Priorities are balanced, not juggled

A great admin professional will stay one step ahead, anticipating what needs to be ticked off the list for upcoming meetings, presentations and so on. Being proactive not reactive is essential in getting the job done. And with a positive can-do attitude, what would be for many a juggling act, is often just an expert balancing act.


4. They have an eye for detail and brilliant intuition

How many times have you hit send on an email without meaning to? Admin professionals have an enviable eye for detail to minimise any embarrassing workplace mistakes. Their intuition and emotional intelligence also makes them experts at communicating the right things to the right people at the right time.


5. Your brand is in safe hands

Your receptionist is quite literally your brand ambassador; the face and voice of the business. And your PA and EAs are the face and voice of senior management. Your brand benefits from happy, engaged and loyal admin professionals who will be your number one advocate in the marketplace.


It’s time to get celebrating!


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