10 Signs You’d Make An Awesome Receptionist

Posted On 13 Jun 2019

10 Signs You’d Make An Awesome Receptionist

13 Jun 2019
10 Signs You’d Make An Awesome Receptionist

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10 Signs You’d Make An Awesome Receptionist

Ever thought about becoming a receptionist? You should! A receptionist position might seem like a simple job at first glance, but you will become skilled at so much more than just answering phones and greeting guests. If you want to pursue a career in the administrative field, then a receptionist role is a great foot in the door. Don’t worry if you have not had an office job before because it isn’t always necessary to have prior reception experience (though it is helpful to come from a customer service background). You will receive informal training on the job and build up some indispensable skills.

There are so many great reasons to become a receptionist. Being the face of the organisation means you will get to know most people in the company and gain exposure to the whole business. It is common for receptionists also to be involved in other aspects of the business and show their managers what an asset they are to the company. Also, receptionists are often promoted to team assistants or move into other administrative roles in the business.

Here are 10 signs you’d make an awesome receptionist:
  1. You have good presentation and a pleasant manner

As a receptionist, you will be the first person a client or visitor sees when they walk in the door. You are the face of the business, so get that smile on your dial! You are the brand ambassador for the business, so you need to be well-groomed and dress professionally. Lots of stores like H&M and Zara sell office clothes on a budget, so it is easy to look like a pro.


  1. You are organised

Are you a good juggler? A receptionist handles several tasks at once often including outgoing and incoming mail, invoices and billing. To handle multiple tasks properly, you need to be able to put systems in place that let you access the right information in a timely and accurate manner. Having phone numbers handy, using sticky notes and doing calendar reminders are some good organising tactics.


  1. You have a calm and positive attitude

Being a receptionist means sometimes you need to deal with challenging clients or upset customers. It is important to be able to stay calm and smile. As a receptionist, you will have constant interruptions. While this can be stressful, it’s important to manage your time properly so as not to become overwhelmed. Receptionists are talented at keeping calm and not becoming flustered while several phones are ringing, guests are lining up, and emails are flying in!


  1. You enjoy helping people

Receptionists interact with almost everyone in the company. From Facilities to IT to the Executive Assistants and CEO’s. You should have a natural interest in people, be approachable and have a helpful attitude. People always go to the receptionist first for help.


  1. You are comfortable with technology

While you are not going for a job in IT, you will need to comfortable using technology like computers, printers, scanners and copiers. Receptionists and their phones are the best of friends, and you will need to learn how to transfer calls professionally. Receptionists also usually know their way around a spreadsheet, but you can be trained on the job for this.


  1. You are dependable

Businesses need a receptionist they know they can rely on. It is likely that you will be dealing with confidential information and private client details. Managers need to be confident that you will handle situations in a professional manner. Receptionists also sometimes open the office, so you need to punctual and trustworthy.


  1. You have excellent listening skills

One of the most important skills of a receptionist is their listening skills; this includes on the phone and in person. Staff will often come to you with problems for you to solve. Clients often express to you their concerns too. Make sure you listen to what they need and do what you can to help.


  1. You can work without supervision

Some of the time, you will be working on the front desk by yourself, and you will need to make on the spot decisions. If you are working on reception and have nothing to do, your manager will expect you to find things to do that help the office such as tidying, filing or reorganising.


  1. Good communication skills

As a receptionist, you will constantly be communicating both internally and externally.

As well as giving out clear information about the company to those that need it, you will need to pass on messages correctly to staff members.


  1. Willing to learn

Managers love staff who put their hand up and are eager to learn. Versatility goes a long way. Ask your manager if they need help with additional tasks, and they will be impressed with your can-do attitude. Asking questions and being enthusiastic is what separates you from others and will make you shine!


If this sounds like you then we say go for it!


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