10 habits of a highly organised Assistant

Posted On 11 Aug 2023

10 habits of a highly organised Assistant

11 Aug 2023
Welcome to the August edition of The Assistants Newsletter!

The Assistants Newsletter

Welcome to the August edition of The Assistants Newsletter!

Welcome to the August edition of The Assistants Newsletter!

As Assistant’s we are always learning, adapting, and testing out new ways of working. Regardless of our experience level we can always learn from others and improve the way we operate.

Organisation and efficiency are the cornerstones of our day to day, providing the capability to perform our roles to the best of our ability.

This month we have outlined 10 common habits we see in the most organised Assistant’s we know – which ones can you tweak to elevate your career to the next level?

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10 habits of a highly organised Assistant

There can be a huge variation in the way Assistants work. Factors such as level of experience, industry, personality, and the team around them all play a part in shaping them and their role.

Common habits of highly organised Assistants:

1. Are punctual.

Those that are on time, or in fact always early start the day mentally prepared and ready. They are not chasing their tail with their head in a spin before they have even sat down. This doesn’t just apply to the morning, it is implemented through all processes, projects, meetings, calls, events etc. It’s their way of ‘being’. It helps them to remain calm and think clearly. Their Executives love this about them. It is also a strong indicator of reliability. Punctuality leads to efficient organisation.

2. Love the detail.

In some form or another, an Assistant’s role is all about the detail. The best of Assistants search for that missing full stop, persevere until all the figures add up and take great joy from producing seamless presentations. Nothing slips their radar. Picking up that tiny, minute typo or error is a big deal to an Executive who is about to make a business-critical presentation. Its saves embarrassment and they will thank you a million times over!

3. Listen.

This may sound obvious, but it isn’t! Listen to understand and then deliver. Be careful not to assume or jump too quickly and again, gather the detail. And it goes further. Listen to the general office hubbub. Know what is going on to be informed. You will be amazed at what you pick up that assist in providing that extra support to your boss. The more you know what is going on, the better prepared and organised you will be in your role.

4. Have a to-do list.

It is usually big, rolling, and ongoing with priorities highlighted, shifting, and changing. It can be on paper, a whiteboard or electronically – whatever suits you best. Many successful Assistants have more than one, a priority list for the current day and a longer-term list for larger projects is most common. Without a to-do list the organisational element of your role will quickly unravel, things will be missed, and your support levels will drop.

5. Upskill.

Even the best can be better. Seek to improve and be up to date with the latest tools to assist you and your Executive. Those who are open to learning, development and are curious are the people who find doors opening and opportunities coming their way. New technology, systems and processes can be daunting, but in the long run inevitably save time, making us more efficient and organised.

6. Network.

They know who’s who. This means getting to know colleagues, clients, stakeholders, senior Executives, board members, influencers, decision makers, suppliers etc. Organised Assistants build solid and meaningful relationships. It might take time, but these contacts travel with you to help in your hour of need!

7. Communicate.

The Assistant and Executive relationship is different for everyone. Once you have worked out what suits you both – stick to it, be that regular meetings, daily end of day emails or constant phone calls. Never assume your Executive knows what you have done or what you have in the pipeline. Keep the communication flow happening. Without this communication you may struggle to effectively organise your Executive’s movements and needs.

8. Enjoy what you do.

Truly successful assistant’s love their job. It shows and is contagious! If you love what you do, naturally you will want to do a good job. This goes hand in hand with proficient organisation across all elements of your role, the more organised you are, the better you perform.

9. Be resourceful.

A lot of what we do is problem solving, thinking outside the square and creating innovative solutions.To maximise your potential, creativity in this manner is key. If you want to be organised, look at every area of your role, analyse and adapt as appropriate, what works for your colleague may not work for you, don’t feel you always have to tread the same path.

10. Perseverance.

No Assistant will experience smooth sailing every day, but the highly organised ones learn from the bumps along the way. They action and implement change and never give up.

We hope these inspire you to look at the way you work. Even the smallest of changes can create impact.

10 habits of a highly organised Assistant

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