Why Recognition Matters

Posted On 16 May 2019

Why Recognition Matters

16 May 2019
Why Recognition Matters

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Why Recognition Matters

Have you ever left the office with a spring in your step because your manager acknowledged what a great job you did? And do you remember the last time you went above and beyond only to have nobody notice?

Recognition is not only a basic human need but plays a key role in productivity. British professional services company Aon Hewitt found that recognition for contributions is the most important driver of employee engagement.

And that is important news for employees, and businesses. Engaged employees are not just happier and less likely to quit, they are also 21% more profitable, according to a 2018 study by American analytics company Gallup.1

Unfortunately, not all employers have gotten the message. Gallup’s most recent State of the Global Workplace report found that only 14% of Australian employees are engaged at work, just below the global average of 15%.
So how can we create more productive work environments? We need recognize performance regularly, and individually!

How to Reward and Recognize Employees

If you thought it was all about the salary package, then think again. While a decent salary package is certainly nice, there’s more to ensuring your employees are highly engaged.

  • Flexible work arrangements
  • Gift vouchers as a thank you
  • Make recognition public, through awards, certificates and announcements.
  • Facilitate peer-to-peer recognition for performance outside of work, such as volunteering, or sporting achievements. This could be done through internal blogs, newsletters and in team meetings.
  • Investment in continued education for employees.
  • Work opportunities that help staff reach individual career goals.
  • Make it fun – award trophies and T-shirts to the best teams.


What Makes Recognition Programs Effective?

Effective recognition must highlight outstanding effort, instead of awarding prizes randomly, as in, “whose turn is it this month”.

  • Recognition needs to be merit-based and all-inclusive.
  • It should be awarded soon after the relevant performance.
  • It needs to recognize the employee’s individuality. We are all different and are therefore motivated in different ways. This is where good management comes in!


Reward Yourself

Finally, if you are among the majority of people who feel that recognition at the workplace could be improved, don’t just leave it up to management.
Reward yourself! If you did a great job, you deserve the acknowledgement. Treat yourself, tell yourself you have done a good job, positive affirmations are powerful! Perhaps even encourage a peer-to-peer recognition system at work.

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