Self-Worth And Being ‘Seen’ (In Times Of Uncertainty) Is Vital!

Posted On 9 Sep 2020

Self-Worth And Being ‘Seen’ (In Times Of Uncertainty) Is Vital!

9 Sep 2020
Self-Worth And Being 'Seen' (In Times Of Uncertainty) Is Vital!

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Self-Worth And Being 'Seen' (In Times Of Uncertainty) Is Vital!

I was inspired to write this blog after receiving a thank you email from one of our lovely candidates. We are fortunate enough to receive a lot of kind emails, but this email was different.

Much like a good film or book, the emotion from this email stayed with me. The email read, ‘thank you for allowing us all to feel worthy.’

Harsh Reality of the Job Market

At EST10, we are ‘privileged’ to be at the coal face of the job market and experience its full force. I have heard and seen people’s tears and have witnessed their hopelessness, but to hear the word ‘worthy’ brought a whole new depth of awareness and understanding of what we are all experiencing.

Not to be patronising or even worse, ignorant, but if this is a new dimension to me, I can only imagine how protected from some of the raw realities, some parts of our society might be.

I say this in a non-judgmental way because if we are observers, it is hard to feel and know – as relating is thus limited, but we can all acknowledge it, share and learn from it.

Working and Self Esteem

We all know how crucial having ‘a job’ is, and I’m not just referring to the financial perspective. I am of the fortunate group that love not only their job, but love to work. I also know the critical link of self-esteem and self-worth to your job. I know this intuitively and experientially.

I have a neighbour in my street, who is in his 60’s and his job is delivering brochures to our mailboxes. I really admire him – he is out every day, rain, sweltering heat, no matter, he does his job, same times, every day. He seems outwardly happy, dresses beautifully for his job, often listening to music as he delivers. He has a purpose, feels he is needed, is contributing and has pride in his job. Plus, he has a ritual.

There is a direct link to higher depression rates with those unemployed versus those employed, and a further increase in depression rates for those deemed, ‘long term unemployed,’ which is 27 weeks and over and is now an unfortunate reality in our current time. With unemployment rates being higher than that during the GFC, I think we all need to be mindful and aware of the heightened stressful times we are all in.


Given it is R U OK? day on Thursday 10th September, I thought it prudent to write this blog to encourage us all to be aware and ask if people are indeed ok. Just the act of asking can be enough to set a tone or shift in outlook, for the person receiving the question, but also you, the person asking. Your demeanour, care and even smile can make a difference.

I do think we all have genuine human responsibilities to each other. We are more similar than we often dare to admit to ourselves. If we look at some essential desires that we all hold as crucial for our psychological and mental well-being, we can see that actually – we all pretty much need and want the same things.

Our Wish

It is my wish that at EST10, we operate in a spiritually conscious manner and do what we do for a higher purpose. The people that work at EST10 are employed based on their core values. We know we can’t help everyone find a job, but we want to make sure, our candidates and clients know they are important to us – and that we do ‘see’ and ‘hear’ them.  We do want to be their witnesses so that no one is feeling lonely or invisible or even worse – isolated.


I am grateful to have received such a beautiful, thoughtful and emotion provoking email. It has caused me to delve even further into the psyche of our audience, and I can only keep serving our clients and candidates at a high level if I understand better and stay connected.

“True human connection is found at the level of pure consciousness.”― Patrick Zeis

About the author
Roxanne Calder
Managing Director

As Founder and Managing Director at EST10, Roxanne has an all-encompassing role that includes building and growing the business, as well as actively recruiting and consulting.

After completing a Bachelor’s Degree at Monash University, Roxanne began her recruitment career with renowned recruiter Julia Ross. From there, Roxanne worked in HR and recruitment with a number of global players and boutique businesses throughout Australia, the UK, Singapore and Hong Kong for over 20 years. She has been responsible for managing large teams and projects, implementing RPO models, managing and assisting businesses to an IPO and assisting companies in setting up their recruitment teams and processes.

Following completion of her MBA at the Australian Graduate School of Management, Roxanne launched EST10 in July 2010. In doing so, she hoped to combine the flexibility and high touch service levels of boutique agencies with the structure and strategy afforded to larger firms. Roxanne believes in high-touch, high-care consulting and is always on the lookout for consultants that share this vision of recruitment.